Writing a Journal Entry

Writing a Journal Entry

Bring your journal entry class.
Everything we see, or hear, or read is (at least potentially) a source of cultural information. It just needs to be decoded. You can organise all these observations into an essay or an article. Alternatively, you can record them in a choppier, more immediate form in a journal/diary/logbook. Think of it as a quarry for future use.

• Cut out a photo, or a short piece of text, from any newspaper or magazine you’ve been reading (or photocopy it, if it comes from a book).

• Attach it to a sheet of paper, then write down a short description of the cutting, as well as why it interested you, underneath.

• Go on to describe exactly what you were doing when you came across it. How was your day, in fact?

• How did you feel while you were doing the exercise? Interested? Resigned? Bored? Puzzled? Write that down also.

• Does this exercise seem to you to relate to other things we’ve been reading or discussing in the course so far? If so, how? If not, why not?




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