Write a Home Depot Proposal(2-3pages)

The paper is your “proposal” to Home Depot

·      Introduction …Team XXXX is pleased to provide Home Depot a proposal for ..

·      A description of your shed.

·      A description of your Organization that is going to manage and run this program  (Phase 1 and 2 if different)

·      Your Work Breakdown Structure – Phase 1 and 2

·      A Network flow of how your tasks are interconnected and how your work will flow – Phase 1 and 2 –  they will be different

·      Your Integrated Master schedule and your ground-rules for such schedule Phase 1 and 2 – the ground rules will be different

·      A discussion of the staff and the staff plans and requirements

·      Your Cost proposal and Cost elements

·      Your total Direct Cost

·      Labor, Material, tooling

·      Your Indirect Cost

·      Overhead

·      Time phased cost i.e. your cost per week

note: everything stated a above will be provided.

For example: team name, the shed demensions, the costs*

some costs may be off a little, will edit that after.

MUST BE ABLE TO create a IMS CHART and explain schedule in with 4 labors paper!

Make sure you have things like when home depot will pick up/drop off items, etc in paper

phase 1: Show how its able to make 5 sheds a week.

phase 2: Show how 100 sheds is produced and how long it will take etc using phase 1 information.

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