For this essay you are going to choose a specific advertisement, a company’s advertising campaign over time, or how companies choose their platforms and avenues to reach their target demographics. This is a 1150 word analysis with a minimum of 7 outside sources.

 Look at a specific ad: print, radio, digital, TV, etc., or single campaign which incorporates multiple modalities and consider who their target audience/customer is and analyze their method of attracting that audience and its effectiveness. 

Source Requirements: When I say sources, I am talking about research, secondary and tertiary sources above and beyond anything associated  with the primary source(s). Everything needs to be included on the Works Cited page, properly formatted per MLA guidelines AND introduced, vetted, paraphrased or quoted from and parenthetically cited within the essay. Of course, you also need to analyze each source as it supports your argumentative, analytical thesis.

15% essay: 3 sources from BC database or books from the library, 1 visual (also probably from the BC database), 1 essay from our course textbook, and a minimum of 1 other secondary or tertiary source of your choice. In addition, (?) Everything associated with your primary source (what you’re analyzing) will be considered a source to be annotated. At minimum, there will be 7 citations on your Works Cited page, and utilized (introduced, quoted or paraphrased from, parenthetically cited, and analyzed in relation to thesis) within the essay itself. If it’s not in the essay, it does not belong on a Works Cited page whether you looked it up or not.

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