Choice of and PowerPoint Slides on a Recent Organic Chemistry Journal Article

Each student find an organic chemistry related article in a peer-reviewed chemistry journal published no later than 2017.  The article should be 3 – 5 pages long. Each student must find his / her own article – articles cannot be shared.  The article needs to focus on either an organic lab technique, synthesis of a medicinal compound, lab instrumentation, or a new reaction.  Read the article many times to understand what it is about and prepare a six-slide powerpoint presentation as if you were preparing to talk to the class about the paper.  A detailed analysis of the article is not required, but any member of your audience ought to be able to get a broad sense of the chemistry involved. Upload your slides and a copy of your article to BlackBoard for grading.

These are suggestions for each slide:

Title slide containing: your name, course title, date, title of your article, authors’ names and affiliation, journal name, volume, issue and page

The objective of the article:  What was the objective of the investigation reported in the article?

Project plan: What was the experimental/research plan for the investigation

Results:  What are the results of the investigation

Interpretation of the results:  What are the chemical implications of the results of the investigation

Authors’ conclusions  

The following publications are examples of peer-reviewed journals – this is not an exhaustive list:

Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Science and Technology

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of the Chemical Society (London)

Perkin Transactions of the Chemical Society

Journal of Chemical Education

Journal of Organic Chemistry

Organic Letters



Tetrahedron Letters

There are Canadian analogs of most American Chemical Society publications.

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