Report should be approx. 1000-1200 words in total (this does not include the title page, references)


 You work for a technology company that specializes in making educational apps for children. You have grown from 10-50 employees in just two years and are outgrowing your office space. Your CEO, Thomas Wong, wants to consider offering flexible work arrangements to employees. Your proposal should include possible options, pros/cons and a specific recommendation

–  Add in pertinent details as you see fit (use your imagination!) 

The Final Report should include:

– A cover page 

– A brief introduction

– An overview of options including pros and cons

– A conclusion recommending one (1) option and why(use persuasive techniques)

– References in APA format cited within the report and at the end in a bibliography (use at least 3-4 academic scholarly sources)

– Appendices (include tables, graphs, etc.)

– Double spaced throughout and uniformly formatted. 

– Use headings as needed.

– Should be written in the tone of a formal report  

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