For detailed instructions on this assignment, please refer to the ‘Assignment Instructions: Media Case Study Paper’ document in this week’s Module. You may also choose to revisit the lecture in which I explain this assignment in-depth.

A few additional notes:

  1. 4-page minimum. This is a research project, and I ask you to really try to go into depth.
  2. Rather than just listing details in first section, give a comprehensive background on the organisation, company, product, or presence about which you’re writing. Include all of the requested information from the list, but rather than just listing this information, make it fit together to tell a narrative.
  3. When describing the ethical problem, keywords like dishonesty, hypocrisy, disrespect, exploitation, promise-breaking, etc. will be very helpful to you. Try identify who is harmed by the unethical situation, and explain all of this in detail. If nothing else, detail is important.
  4. Don’t just include URLs for your citations. Use APA or MLA citation format for your references page and your in-text citations.
  5. When applying your own ethical process, in section 3, make sure to mention the ethical perspectives we talked about in class this semester.
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