This is for discourse analysis of Malcolm X’s The Bullet or the Ballot speech, and how it relates to today’s society

  • Analyze your chosen discourse using four concepts or theories of discourse analysis outlined in your course textbook and other required resources (i.e. use of lexical grammar, Grice’s maxims, intertextuality, etc.).
  • Assess how language is used persuasively, offensively, effectively, or ineffectively to convey a particular social message or agenda.
  • Locate two other discourse samples about the same topic.
    • These can be excerpts in the same genre, or you may draw from other genres (such as blogs, social media posts, Tweets, video clips, multi-media excerpts, etc.).
  • Compare the arguments and language used in the additional excerpts to your chosen text, drawing upon concepts and theories of discourse analysis outlined in the course.
  • Assess how the three discourse samples shape and are shaped by ideologies of power, control, injustice, inequality, social change, and emancipation.
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