Imagine you are a social work advocate that works with policy-makers who are interested in formulating or influencing policy. As such, your goal is to communicate social work perspectives to policy-makers to try to inform legislative action. Social workers can write policy briefs, which is a concise summary presenting findings that address an urgent and relevant problem and offers evidence‐based recommendations. 

  • A policy brief should provide enough background for policy to understand the problem and be convinced that the problem must be addressed urgently. Briefs include descriptions of alternative responses and urges the reader to make a decision. 
  • Visit the NASW website and review one current legislative issue that affects young adults.

For this issue, provide your professional expertise and write a brief that you would share to help inform legislative action.

  • Identify a social problem- i want to focus on Migrant children as my social problem
  • Clearly state a policy preference, and why it is the best solution to the problem-Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act (H.R. 3918 /S. 2113 ): This bill  would end family separations at the southern border, strengthen health and safety protections for children and families, and provide additional guardrails and stronger standards to ensure that government funds are not used to traumatize or harm asylum seekers. – I would like the stop cruelty to migrant children act, if you have something else better that’s fine as well just let me know , please. 


  • Organize the paper in the following format: 
  1. Introduction/problem statement (should include the scope and scale of the problem, and the issue at hand. Support your arguments 
  2. Status quo policy situation (you can use this section to expand somewhat on the problem statement, since, if you’re advocating change, the current policy must be part of the problem) 
  3. Your policy recommendation (with supporting arguments as to why it is best) 
  4. Refutation of alternative policy arguments (if you’ve decided this is necessary)
  5.  Conclusion (restating the problem and the solution)
  • 750 word maximum
  • Cite at least 5 academic sources
  • include images
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