In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (1959) discuss and analyze how both the internal and external factors lead to the destabilization of Umofia society.  Give your essay an original title and quote from the novel and other sources to support your thesis.  When you quote from the novel provide the page number in parenthesis.  This full ten page essay in proper MLA style must have and introduction, a body, and a conclusion along with their component parts.  Additionally, you must include six non fiction secondary sources and thus submit a Works Cited page properly done in MLA style.  No other literature (poems, novels, or short stories) should be used.  No bold or underlining should be used and no extra space between your paragraphs–two space throughout the entire essay.  All secondary sources should be introduced fully when you first quote from the text, providing page numbers for each quote.  As always you should proofread very carefully before you submit your essay.  Providing a summary of the novel is a failing essay; you must have topic sentences in every paragraph in the body of the essay. 

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