It has three parts; please look below. Attached is the worksheet for this week and last week’s assignment that was done for reference. 

1)Evaluate your process using 1 of the following:

·       Use the lean concept to find ways to eliminate waste and improve the process

·       SPC or Six Sigma to reduce defects or variances in the process

2) Complete the following in Excel:

·       Calculate the defined process metrics including variation and process capability.

·       Develop and display a control chart for the process.

Evaluate the control chart and process metrics using Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods. Determine whether the process could benefit from the use of Six Sigma, Lean, or other tools. (Include all calculation and charts.)

3) Write a 700-word executive summary that includes the following:

·       A summary of the Process Evaluation (using either Lean or SPC or Six Sigma)

·       A summary of the Evaluation of Control Chart and Process metrics based on SPC methods

·       A summary of your evaluation of whether the process would benefit from the use of Six Sigma, Lean, or other tools

·       A description of the SPC project and recommendations for improvements

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