Course Paper Guidelines

 Each student will be required to complete a paper utilizing information from the book entitled “The Goal”. The student will extract ten principles/ concepts from the book and explain how these operational models can be utilized in an existing business. The student will select an actual business to be used for the implementation of the key concepts derived from the book. The paper will use subheadings to divide the paper into the descriptions of these ten operational practices. The main body of the paper must be 4- 6 pages in length. In addition to the main body, the paper should include: Title page, Contents page (listing paper “sub-heads” and page numbers), Abstract, and References (or Works Cited) page). The paper must be typewritten, double-spaced, using standard 1″ margins, and must not include an excessive amount of “bullet dots” in the body of the paper. The paper must include footnotes (citations) or references in the body of the paper that correspond to a listing on the References or Works Cited page. Students are encouraged to gather information from actual industry professionals within organizations, in addition to gathering research from the textbook, Web, books, journals, etc. Students may use any standardized referencing/footnoting formats, e.g., Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA). Proper use of English grammar and punctuation will be a consideration in grading. All papers must have a “Conclusion” (approximately one page at the end of the paper which provides a clear statement of what the student thought about the topic and why). The Conclusion must be “labeled” and is an essential part of the paper.

I Title Page

II Table of Contents (Listing of the ten subheadings within the paper.)

III Abstract (Labeled)

IV Paper (The paper should contain bolded subheadings to divide your paper into distinct subject areas.)

V Conclusion (Labeled)

VI Work Cited

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