The Week 4 assignment is going to be slightly changed due to the current status of the country with COVID. In order to make it still a random experiment, instead of visiting a restaurant, use a random number tool on line to derive each of the numbers needed. This will create some semblance of the experiment being random.

In Chapter 8 we are introduced to observation as a viable form of data collection. The six major learning objectives for the chapter are designed to familiarize you with the major types and procedures for data gathering through observation and provide students with a set of guidelines that allow you to implement a research study using observation as a primary method. 

This assignment is going to put the chapter methodology to the test! 

 The final product will be a paper that is: 

  •  2 – 3 double-spaced, APA formatted pages; and a. Includes at least two (2) references to this week’s materials. 
  •  A spreadsheet as noted in the requirements section below. 

 The requirements for your assignment are:

  •  First, find your appetite! 
  •  Prepare an observation checklist and tally sheet before you address below. 
  •     o Ensure you call out the operational definitions for what you are going to 
  •        observe. 
  •  Using the personal descriptors from Chapter 8 under the “Data Collection” section, create a spreadsheet listing the who, what, when, how and where of your experiment. 
  •  Next, visit a fast food restaurant, such as McDonald’s or Burger King. For 30 minutes, simply observe patrons as they enter the store, place an order, and consume their meals. 

Based on this observation, answer the following questions: 

  •  What did most consumers sample first: fries, drink, or other? 
  •  Did most consumers start eating after sitting at a table or before? 
  •  How many consumers used ketchup with their fries? 
  •  How many consumers got a drink refill? 
  •  How many consumers received an incorrect order? 
  •  Did consumers visit the rest room? Before ordering or after? 
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