Task: The essay assessment will require students to:

· Investigate a particular project management topic (for example, managing the project scope, project procurement, risk management, project resourcing) or any other PMBOK knowledge area.

· Report their knowledge in respect to it.

This assessment task requires the student demonstrate how well they comprehend their chosen PMBOK knowledge area. The student can opt to research their own project.

Suggested projects:

· New Royal Adelaide Hospital Project

· Collins-class Submarine Project

· Adelaide Oval Redevelopment Project

Length and Presentation:

1,800 words (not including references and appendices)

Some things to consider to ensure a high quality essay.

· Originality and creative thought (please ensure an originality score on TurnItIn below 20%)

· Research up-to-date with topic (use a range of academic and non-academic resources 10 – 20 references)

· Demonstrate comprehension and understanding on project management, terminology, principles, processes and practice

· Clarity of expression, logical planning and sequence

· Quality in the overall presentation, including correct grammar, spelling and punctuation 

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