my business plan was about creating the mobile app 

which was if the person need a make a any kind of car service he don’t have time to gave the car in service center 

through this app he will select the person to pickup the car to drop at the car service center and again drop at customer place 

Here are some instructions to optimize your first oral presentation “the Business idea pitch” 

1. Start with a hook to attract the attention of your audience, through which you give a brief and sexy introduction about your business. I recommend you to use the value proposition statement that is a very concentrated presentation of your business objective (please find attached an example)

2. Follow with the Customer Profile (1. Customer Jobs, 2. Pains, 3. Gains) and then pursue with the value proposition map (1. Product and experience, 2. Pain relievers, 3. Gains creator). 

3. Finish with a short conclusion. 

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