For project part 2, I would like for you to build the following database shown in Project Part 2 ERD in DB2.  Then I will ask you to answer some questions using SQL Queries. 

Insert 5 rows of data into your tables (you make it up), except for client #1 has to be Marvel Studios, contact Stan Lee, phone 111-222-3333.

Remember to build and populate one table at a time.  Start with your tables that do not have FK’s to avoid errors.


  1. Provide a listing of all the projects for Stan Lee.
  2. Create a query that uses a COUNT function.
  3. Create a query that uses a SUM function.
  4. Create a query that uses either a MIN or a MAX function.
  5. Create a query that uses an INNER JOIN
  6. Create a query that uses either a LEFT or a RIGHT OUTER JOIN.

HINT:  Some of you have an index named X1AC (You would normally name the account index this).  So if you get an error when creating your index, just change the last character of the name!

To turn in your assignment, please take screenshots of:

  1. The successful output for the tablespaces, tables, and indexes.
  2. The successful data insert statements for each table.
  3. The successful queries and their outputs.

Paste the images into word and then save it as a .pdf.  No other file types will be accepted. 

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