topic:  Do most citizens really experience a ‘global’ economy any differently than 30 years ago?

3500 -4000words    

a word count listed on the title page.

a core argument.    

Make sure that you set out the essay in a logical way and try not to jump about from point to point or between arguments.

 Strive to make your point of view clear and rigorous.

6. Paragraphs should deal with one major idea.    They should be more than one sentence long.    

7. Always leave the reader with a strong introduction and conclusion.

8. use section headings 

9. 2 citations per page (I prepared some for you) 

10. Make sure to number the pages of your essay.

11. no  Wikipedia 

Baldwin, “Globalization is Close To Its ‘Holy Cow’ Moment” Chicago Booth Review, 30 April 2018.

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