Develop a summary contingency plan for an organization of your choice. Your contingency plan should include business impact analysis, incident response, disaster recovery plans, and business continuity. You can perform some research on the Web and find an organization for which you might want to develop a contingency plan.

Your plan should be 4-7 pages covering each item shown below. If you do not have enough information about an item to include, briefly describe what that item means and how that topic would ideally be implemented for the organization that you have selected for your project. The associated textbook chapters are provided for your reference.

Items to include in your contingency plan

Business impact analysis (2.5 points)

Determine mission/business processes and recovery criticality

Identify resource requirements

Identify system resource recovery priorities

Incident Response (2.5 points)

IR Phases

– Preparation, ch 4

– detection and analysis, ch5, 6

–  containment, ch 7

– eradication and recovery, ch 7, 8

– post-incident activity ch. 8

Disaster Recovery, ch 9, 10 (2.5 points)

The seven-step DRP process recommended by NIST

– Develop the DR planning policy statement

– Review the business impact analysis (BIA)

– Identify preventive controls

– Create DR contingency strategies

– Develop the DR plan

– Ensure DR plan testing, training, and exercises

– Ensure DR plan maintenance

Business Continuity, ch 11, 12 (2.5 points)

Steps adapted from NIST (p. 444, ch 11)

– Develop the BC planning policy statement

– Review the BIA

– Identify preventive controls

– Create BC contingency (relocation) strategies

– Develop the BC plan

– Ensure BC Plan testing, training, and exercises

– Ensure BC plan maintenance

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