Please explain what each of the following courses mean to me within my nursing career and how I was able to apply the various BSN essentials through the completion of various course assignments and clinical practice experiences. I have attached the BSN essentials as well as a course description for each course. The paper needs to be 2 pages in length, reflecting on each class. The description of each class is listed below along with an explanation of each BSN essential. Utilize as many BSN essential as possible for each course reflection. USING APA FORMAT AND PROVIDE PLAGIARISM CHECK. 

2 pages minimum 

12 Point Font (Times New Roman)

Semester 1

Care Management I (Fundamentals of Nursing) 

Course Description: This course introduces classic nursing principles that underpin future clinical practice. Principles include such things as comfort measures, assistance with daily living activities, environmental concerns, positioning and transporting, asepsis and sterile technique, medication administration, intrusive therapies and use of the nursing process with particular emphasis on the intervention component. The majority of the theoretical information is provided through an online environment. Concepts related to nursing fundamentals and nursing care is integrated throughout the course. The campus laboratory and clinical settings will afford practical experience in application of the principles and skills taught in the theory portion of this class.

Professional Nursing I&II

Course Description: The course focuses on nursing as a caring profession, nurse’s roles and functions, ethics, standards, legal aspects, holism, wellness, health care delivery, communication, teaching/learning, critical thinking, and the nursing process (ADPIE) -Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Intervention, and Evaluation.

Quality and Safety

Course Description and Objectives: A. Analyze quality initiatives to improve health outcomes in healthcare settings. B. Compare and contrast quality improvement models appropriate for advanced nursing roles in healthcare settings. C. Use principles of a just culture and high reliability to analyze errors in healthcare delivery. D. Select appropriate evidence-based plans using trend analysis and quantification of quality and safety outcomes. E. Promote a professional environment to include accountability and high-level communication skills when participating in peer review, advocating for patients and families, reporting errors, and writing for the nursing profession. F. Encourage the integration of health care services within healthcare settings to affect safety and quality of care by improving patient outcomes and reducing fragmentation of care.


Course Description: This course focuses on the pathophysiology of common disease conditions affecting human beings across the lifespan. Content builds on basic anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and chemistry content obtained from earlier courses.

Physical Assessment

Course Description: This course builds from previous practical or vocational nursing competencies, knowledge, and skills. The course provides the nursing student with skills in physical, psychosocial, and spiritual assessment of patients across the life span. History taking and data collection are emphasized. Laboratory experiences are included to develop an application of anatomy and physiology concepts to body systems.

Clinical Decision Making

Course Description: This course arises from a long standing theoretical and clinical interest in the primacy of decision making in nursing and healthcare. Gaining a better understanding of their decision making processes has important benefits for nurses, organizational effectiveness and health outcomes. The course allows for lecture based learning, experiential learning and research enquiry to be explored. 

The BSN Essentials

Essential I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

A solid base in liberal education provides the cornerstone for the practice and

education of nurses.

Essential II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and

Patient Safety

Knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety are

necessary to provide high quality health care.

Essential III: Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice

Professional nursing practice is grounded in the translation of current evidence

into one’s practice.

Essential IV: Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology

Knowledge and skills in information management and patient care technology are

critical in the delivery of quality patient care.

Essential V: Health Care Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments

Healthcare policies, including financial and regulatory, directly and indirectly

influence the nature and functioning of the healthcare system and thereby are

important considerations in professional nursing practice.

Essential VI: Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration 

for Improving Patient Health Outcomes

Communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals are critical to

delivering high quality and safe patient care.

Essential VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health

Health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population level are necessary to improve population health and are important components of baccalaureate generalist nursing practice.

Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values

Professionalism and the inherent values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice are fundamental to the discipline of nursing.

Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

The baccalaureate graduate nurse is prepared to practice with patients, including individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan and across the continuum of healthcare environments. The baccalaureate graduate understands and respects the variations of care, the increased complexity, and the increased use of healthcare resources inherent in caring for patients.

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