you are assuming the role of an organizational development specialist with Cobb Medical Center. Cobb Medical Center has recently hired a new CEO, Mr. Lee Cobb, who is working with his leadership team to update the organizational strategic plan. Ms. Hernandez, Vice President of Human Resources, knows that changing the strategic plan may necessitate needed changes to the organizational and management/leadership structures. Ms. Hernandez has asked you to share what actions would you recommend management take in order to align the organization’s structure with the strategic plan in order to maximize the likelihood that the entity can achieve its directional strategy. You’ve also been asked to assist the leadership team in redesigning their management structure. To this end, what are the key consideration that need to be factored into the redesign? You know the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of change initiatives. Based on this, how would you suggest management go about measuring the effectiveness of service line management and leadership structures? Finally, what tactical approach would you recommend the management team take to “hardwire” new reporting relationships? You will be preparing a business memorandum to the attention of Ms. Hernandez. 

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