Comparison Research Paper
The paper is worth 300 points or 30% of your final grade. It will be a 6-8 page (not counting title/reference pages) APA paper.  In this paper, you will compare and contrast three of the major categories of criminological theories: 1) biological, 2) psychological/psychiatric, and 3) sociological.  Describe the main elements of each and describe the strengths and weaknesses of theories within each category.  You must incorporate at least ten (10) appropriate academic sources in you paper.  Utilize the TCTC library search functions to find appropriate academic journal articles.
Separate cover page (should be aligned in the middle of the page and double spaced and should include your name, the institution, course name, title of assignment, your instructor’s name, your name, and the date)
Running head in all caps in header with page number to the right
12-point black font
Times New Roman
Double Spaced
1 Inch Margins
In-text citations required; anything that is not common knowledge to public should be supported with an in-text citation – (failure to include in-text citations that reflects sources on your reference page is plagiarism)
Separate Reference Page (not ‘Works Cited’) in alphabetical order

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