1. Using below peer reviewed articles as reference on Economics, write Annotated Bibliography summary on each article(no less than 150 words on each summary)

– Adrián Pacheco-López, Fabian Lechtenberg, Ana Somoza-Tornos, Moisès Graells, & Antonio Espuña. (2021). Economic and Environmental Assessment of Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Products and Biofuels as Substitutes for Fossil-Based Fuels. Frontiers in Energy Research, 9.

– Johnsson, F. 1960, Kjärstad, J. 1956, & Rootzén, J. 1978. (2019). The threat to climate change mitigation posed by the abundance of fossil fuels. Uthålliga Europeiska Energisystem Climate Policy, 19(2), 258–274.

– Asim, M., Saleem, S., Imran, M., Leung, M. K. H., Hussain, S. A., Miró, L. S., & Rodríguez, I. (2020). Thermo-economic and environmental analysis of integrating renewable energy sources in a district heating and cooling network. Energy Efficiency (1570646X), 13(1), 79–100.

– Marino, C., Nucara, A., Panzera, M. F., Pietrafesa, M., & Pudano, A. (2020). Economic Comparison Between a Stand-Alone and a Grid Connected PV System vs. Grid Distance. Energies (19961073), 13(15), 3846.

– Obydenkova, S. V., Kouris, P. D., Hensen, E. J. M., Heeres, H. J., & Boot, M. D. (2017). Environmental economics of lignin derived transport fuels. Bioresource Technology, 243, 589–599. 

2. Explain three areas where (most of) your research disagrees(250 words)

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