Your final project, the 8–10 page Applying Theory to Practice paper, is due in this unit. The purpose of this paper is to delve further into an evidence-based examination of the research and practices of the I/O subfield you have chosen to study. This paper should not be a survey of the subfield you have been studying. Instead, your goal should be to examine an I/O psychology topic in depth. If you find that your topic has become too broad to address within about 10 pages, focus on a particular trend or niche within the subfield. You have already built a foundation for this paper through your prior project activities, including your research, your Annotated Bibliography discussion and Workshop Presentation assignment, and other project-related discussions and studies completed throughout the course. Based on your self-evaluation from Unit 9, finalize your paper. Refer to the course project description for further information, including the submission requirements. Examine the Applying Theory to Practice scoring guide as a reference to ensure your paper meets the criteria on which it will be evaluated. Submit the final draft of your paper as an attachment to this assignment. Note: Your instructor may use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide additional feedback on your writing. Final Paper Structure Organize your final paper according to the following sections: Title Page. Introduction: Present an overview and brief assessment of the fundamental competencies needed to practice this subfield of I/O psychology. Explain the current major trends in the subfield, as applied in professional practice (up to 1 page). Literature Review: Based on your research in the professional and scholarly literature of I/O psychology, present the historical and foundational theories that support current practices in your chosen subfield. Incorporate both theoretical works and empirical studies in your literature review (1 page). Theory Evaluation: Evaluate two specific theories that support practices in your subfield, referencing the professional literature to support your statements. Present the key concepts of each theory. Compare and contrast the relevance of these two theories in relation to your topic (2–3 pages). Applying Theory to Practice: Discuss how you could apply each of the two theories to practice in this subfield. Present a short synthesis of methods and ideas for practice that would integrate the key concepts of each theory (2–3 pages). Ethical Standards: Briefly discuss one ethical challenge that could arise in practicing this subfield and provide some guidelines for strong ethical decision-making in resolving the challenge. Your guidelines should be based on your analysis of literature on ethical decision-making practices. Cite the standards from the APA code of ethics that are related to this specific ethical challenge. Propose an ethical decision-making practice or set of guidelines that would exceed the professional standards or might resolve an aspect of the ethical challenge that is not clearly defined in the current professional standards (1 page). References Page.

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