A new client enters your office and places a box of receipts and bank statements on your desk, saying that she would like to have a set of financials prepared and tax returns completed for the current tax year. She also states that the financials and the return will be given to her bank as part of the documentation needed to acquire a $300,000 bank loan for home improvement. She would like you to complete the work within a week. As you review the documentation, you note that some of the expenses and receipts for income are not documented. Specifically, she writes expenses to deduct on a piece of paper and provides no supporting documentation. When you request the clarification and additional information from the client, she tells you that she has no more documentation and that is all she can give you.


You role in this scenario is to decide on what you will do, what you can do, and how to proceed. Do you complete the financials, and are you able to prepare the tax returns? What information do you give to the client so that she can present it to the bank in hopes of getting her $300,000 loan? You know that if she does not get the loan, then her business will not be able to continue and she will have to lay off her five employees and close her doors. What obligation do you have to help her and how can you help her? Write two-three page in APA format citing applicable IRS codes (USA) and accounting rules for your decision.  should be at least 500 words in length.

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