Page 101-102 in your ebook. ( I attached two pictures of the pages 101-102, and also I attached a file of a chapter that might help you)

Select 3 or more support websites from the following hardware vendors:

– Apple ( (Links to an external site.))

– Dell (

– Hewlett-Packard (


USE ONLY the hardware vendors listed in ebook p. 101. NO substituting other hardware manufacturers.

COMPARE and evaluate with 2 paragraphs (5 sentences each) each vendor’s support website using the customer support criteria discussed in this chapter. LIMIT your evaluation to the support home page and perhaps one level below the home page.

INCLUDE in your 2 paragraphs:

1. How easy or difficult is it to find information about a specific model?

2. Does the site provide the kind of info that a user support specialist would need to know?

3. etc to #6. Page 102.

SUBMIT file (upload as WORD or PDF file format).

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