Foreign Entry Strategy (200).  You will prepare a report, including recommendations, for an actual company’s overall entry strategy into a foreign market. (i.e.: Should Southwest Airlines enter Canada? UK? Germany?/Should JetBlue enter further into Mexico? Or other country you chose to analyze? Another airline?)First, you need to complete a company analysis of the airline you choose.  You need to give a brief history, the areas it serves, financial information, etc.

Second, your strategy to enter should be based upon the company analysis and the information you gleened from Project 1.  You should include attention to the minimal elements used in the Globalization impact assignment (i.e.: social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country you propose entering…Canada), and the analysis of the airline industry in your chosen country, the entry and organizational strategies the company should advance, including potential alliances with local firms, and a discussion of the ethical, negotiation, leadership, and management challenges associated with your recommendation. This analysis should integrate the readings and cases for the course in the context of the actions of a specific firm.  This analysis will be approximately 5-7 double-spaced pages (with complete references).  Do not use Wikipedia.  It is not a credible source.

You will need a works cited page at the end and a cover page.  Do not use Wikipedia.  It is not a credible source.

These are some minimal elements regarding the decision to enter a country.  Be sure to address ALL these elements,individually (not collectively), as well as others when discussing your decision to enter a country to do business.

Use each of these headings individually, not collectively!

History (General Overview – at least one page) Last 50 years is most important and should be the focus of this section.   (5) 

Geographical Setting  (3)

Location  (3)

Climate   (3)

Social Institutions  (overview of social security, healthcare, etc.)  (5)

Education  (5)

Political System (5)

Race, ethnicity and subcultures (2)

Religion/worship setting (churches? Homes?)  (2)

Migration of people (2)

Economy (General Overview – at least ½ page – and then find the following)  (5)

Total population (2)

GDP and Per capita GDP (2)

Minerals and natural resources (2)

Primary Industries (2)

Major Exports (2)

Major Imports (2)

Exchange rates (2)

Trade restrictions/treaties   (May find some info on FedEx webpage or DHL webpage) (5)

Living Conditions (General Overview – at  least ½ page and the following info) (5)

Diet and Nutrition  (5)

Housing  (5)

Language: Official language  (2)

Technological Advancement – General.  (2)

Computers (2)

Robotics  (2)

Fax and phone services (2)

Insourcing/Outsourcing Abilities  (5)

Evironmental Pollution laws  (5)

Transportation: General Population:  Buses, cars, animals, bikes?  (3)

Transportation: Commercial:  Air, land (trucking, train, etc), & sea  (  (3)

Submit your references within each section and make a reference cited page at the end

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