Create a classroom webpage or blog that could be shared at the beginning of the school year with parents/guardians and students.

Be creative, and include the following:

An introduction of yourself:

Provide brief background information about your professional life, including your professional qualifications.

Provide a brief overview of your teaching philosophy.

An explanation of your classroom engagement and management plan with examples of:

Classroom behavioral expectations for students, including digital citizenship.

Content that students will be learning.

Additional practices and policies that parents/guardians and students would want to know regarding late work, tardiness, extra credit options, grade checks, concerns with academics, expectations for homework each night, office hours, extra help time, etc.

Rules and consequences.

Reward system.

How students will be graded.

How and when you plan to communicate with parents/guardians regularly.

How and when parents/guardians may access you.

Provide the URL to your instructor.

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