1. What forms of  labor did slaves in the Northern colonies perform? How did slave life in the North shape African-American society and culture? 

2.What type of jobs did slaves perform in the earliest days of the colonies in the lower South? How did the emergence of the rice and indigo as staple crops alter the labor and lives of slaves? 

3.How did the lives of slaves in the cities of the lower South differ from those on rice plantations

4.What were the primary cultural differences between slaves living on rice plantations and those living in cities in the lower South?

5.How did time shape African and African-American culture in the Chesapeake region? In particular, what differences separated slaves who arrived earlier in the colony and those who came later?

6.What factors helped to lessen these differences in the middle of the 1700s?

MLA Format 1 page  I need it before 11:59

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