Title Page: The following information should be included on the title page: Heading with page number, Needs Analysis for Proposed Evaluation of [Program Name], Author, Capella University, PSY8763: Program Evaluation, Date, Instructor.

  • Follow current APA format per the template. Additional APA support can be found on the Capella Writing Center (links in Resources).

Under the heading Table of Contents:

  • List the abstract, each heading, the references and appendix title (if any).
  • Double-space the table of contents, but single-space entries that are longer than one line. All entries should be aligned flush left and their page numbers flush right (with no leader dots). Subheadings should be indented 1 inch.

Introduction: In your own words, generally summarize the program, the need for evaluation, your design for evaluating it, and your plan for implementing it. Make this as brief, readable and compelling as possible. (Note: A heading is not used for the introduction in APA format.)

Under the heading Needs Analysis:

  • Revise the main sections of your Unit 4 Needs Assessment assignment as necessary, based on feedback you received from your instructor, information from subsequent course studies, and your own reflection. Be sure to include an analysis of the costs and benefits of the proposed program evaluation. Do not worry about citing your previous work. Make this revised Needs Analysis an Appendix to the assignment.
  • Be sure to include:
    • Program Outline.
    • Program Procedures.
    • Proposed Program Evaluation Overview.
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis.
    • Ethical Considerations.
  • Do not worry about citing your previous work.

Under the heading Data Collection and Analysis:

  • Assess what types of data are most important and relevant to collect for the evaluation.
  • Analyze the best sources for data collection.
  • Assess the best techniques/methods to use for:
    • Data sampling and collection.
    • Data analysis.
  • Provide clear and convincing rationale for all your choices.

Under the heading Implementation Plan:

  • Describe in detail the processes of collaborating with others to complete the necessary research and evaluation.
  • Apply principles of group dynamics to plan management of implementation.

Under the heading Standards and Criteria:

  • Analyze what would be the best standards and criteria for evaluating the program. Be sure to clearly explain why particular choices are superior to the alternatives.

Under the heading Conclusion:

  • Summarize your proposal and make a final compelling appeal for its implementation.

Attach Appendix [TITLE: Revision of Unit 4 body; alphabetize appropriate references for Appendix with references cited in the body of the Unit 8 paper.

Throughout this assignment, cite specific concepts, ideas, and program evaluation terminology presented in the course. Support your ideas with relevant references, citations, and empirical research. Be sure to adhere to current APA style and formatting guidelines and include a list of references.

Avoid use of direct quotations—these are not counted in the length of your assignment. Paraphrasing is much preferred because it demonstrates your mastery of the subject.

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