Assignment 2 involves creating a WBS based on the fictional project selected in Module 2. You will use all of the information collected to this point, including the project charter from which to plan the details of your hypothetical project. There are many references for the WBS and while there are two formats, for this assignment you will create the chart WBS.

Please include the following:

  1. At least four levels of content including a work package level
  2. WBS Numbering system 
    1. [Resource for numbering]: Introduction to PMI numbering system for a work breakdown structure (3:26)
  3. Clear identification of each element. Try to use at least 2-3-word descriptions

Keep your project charter handy to ensure you are capturing all of the necessary detail to fully complete the WBS.

In order to create a WBS, there are many software products that are available such as Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Visio or certain features in Microsoft Project. If these software options are not available to you, you may also use certain drawing features in Microsoft words to create a chart.

While typical project management documents do not follow APA format, please keep in mind the presentation and labeling of work so that it is clear and concise and easy to follow. Consider that each document you create will be presented on a professional level, as these are professional documents. While there are many examples of the WBS online and within the course, think of ways you can expand your creativity when developing your own.

Submit your “Create a Work Breakdown Structure” to the assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This folder may be linked to Turnitin). Be sure to review the scoring rubric prior to submitting your assignment.

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