Refer to the specific details described on the first page of this contract as a reminder of the final content required. The final Specialization Library Thesis product must be written in APA professional manuscript format and must include the following sections:•Tit le page


Introduction •

Discussion of the overall topic•

Discussion of various points of view•

Review of the literature and data supporting different points of view

•Discussion of how to deal with a disagreement among education stakeholders on this issue•

Conclusions of the author supported by data•

Reference page (references must align with in-text citations used within the thesis narrative)•

Final annotated bibliography provided as an appendix  Unit 3 Final Specialization Library Thesis Scoring Rubric:Purpose of Assignment and Content Development: Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary use of appropriate, relevant, and innovative content demonstrating mastery of the subject to solve problems and analyze current trends, theories, opportunities, and challenges. All requirements of the assignment are included in the response, including: discussion of an approved controversial issue in the field of education that has at least 2 distinct sides, both with valid points of view and an extensive discussion of each side, providing (at least 2) research data sources supporting each of the views and (at least 3) peer-reviewed expert sources. Discussion includes a complete explanation of the views expressed and includes strengths and weaknesses of each side and a  discussion of how as an educational leader you would deal with differing sides of this issue among stakeholders. Organization, Grammar, and Presentation: Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary application of written and visual skills. Demonstrates outstanding expression of topic, main idea, and purpose. Errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are minimal. Paper is written in correct APA format, including title page, headers, abstract, topic headings, citations, references, and an annotated bibliography in the appendix. Information Literacy and Research: Demonstrates outstanding selection and use of high-quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment. Sources are consistently cited according to required documentation (APA), with almost no errors. Research data, as well as expert opinions, are provided on each side of the issue. Critical Thinking: Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to evaluate, integrate, and critique a wide range of opinions, beliefs, abstract ideas, and data to inform judgment, identify and solve problems, and, where appropriate, propose new hypotheses. Analysis of the differing sides is original work of the writer and not just a paraphrase of a source. Clear justifications for both sides of the issue are provided. The author’s opinion is justified by the presentation of the date be sure to really highlight the different theories and  arguments/perspectives surrounding your topic.  This should be grounded  in theory and the literature.   

   The paper should be approximately 25 pages in length with at least 15 scholarly resources. 

NO PLAGIARISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!————————————————————————————————— 

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