Assignment #1 

For this assignment, you need to conduct a comparative analysis of two publicly traded companies in the same industry regarding their operations strategy and resulting productivity measures (example of productivity measures for PepsiCo and Coca Cola are shown below).

Chart, line chart  Description automatically generated
Chart, line chart  Description automatically generated

PepsiCo  Coca Cola

There are two sections to this report: 

Section 1:   

For each of the 5 productivity metrics, you will need to discuss how you think the differences in the two companies’ performances for that metric can be explained based on the differences in how they conduct their operations.  

Section 2:

Discuss which company you believe is in the better competitive position now as well as long term regarding their overall operations strategy. 

You will need to justify your statements being made for sections 1 and 2, so feel free to research the companies further and cite your references within your assignment submission. The paper is worth 10 points; 5 points for section 1 and 5 points for section 2. The grading will be based upon 2 components: content (you cover each point required above and provide logical justification to back up your statements) and Readability (it is easy to read and understand). There is no required length for this paper (maximum or minimum). 

Some groups may be able to get straight to the point with clear justification for their arguments using 2 or 3 pages of double spaced, 12-point font content, while others may need more.   

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