To determine strengths and weaknesses, examine your company’s website and other marketing materials. Consider looking at the company’s competitors’ websites by Googling “competitors of company X.” 

To determine opportunities and threats, you can visit news sources local to your company, Statista, or the U.S. Census Bureau for relevant demographic information. As a business owner, you may also have personal insights into components of SWOT that are relevant to your company. 

Be sure to list URLs of the sources you included in the text box following the SWOT analysis. You should include at least 3 relevant sources in your analysis.

Since a SWOT analysis should be clear and thorough enough for another marketer at your company to learn from, you should use complete sentences and find at least three strengths and weaknesses and two opportunities and threats.

Second part 

Task 2: Develop Action Steps

Directions: For the insights you added to your SWOT analysis, develop at least six potential action steps for your company. Three action steps should align to strengths and opportunities, and three action steps should align to weaknesses and threats. 

In addition, make sure each suggestion aligns with a particular insight from your SWOT analysis. If you get stuck on this part, revisit Section 4, Module 3. 

How can Sephora build on its strengths and opportunities? 

  1. Potential action step:
  2. Potential action step:
  3. Potential action step:

How can Sephora minimize its weaknesses and threats?

  1. Potential action step:
  2. Potential action step:
  3. Potential action step:
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