CCA 625 Project 1: Networking in the Cloud Technical Report Template

The report will consist or a technical review, and Step 5 and 7 lab reports.

The technical review part of the report should be eight to 12 pages long, and should cover the following topics:

  1. Internet      Protocol (IP):

a. Packet switching

b. IP addressing

c. DNS

d. IP routing

  1. IP Subnetting

a. IP address classes

b. CIDR notation

c. Multiple subnets in a LAN

d. Subnetting proposal for BallotOnline offices

  1. Transmission      Control Protocol (TCP)

a. TCP connections

b. Ensuring transport reliability

c. TCP sliding windows

  1. Software-Defined      Networking

a. SDN definition and purpose

b. OpenFlow definition and purpose

c. How SDN will help BallotOnline cloud deployment

In addition, resubmit both Project 1 lab reports, with incorporated feedback from Steps 5 and 7 if any.

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