1. Find a disease. (Bipolar Disorder)
  2. The cover page should have the name of the disease, as well as your name and the class.
  3. The second page should have a paragraph introducing the disease. Is like you telling me about this disease as what it is per what i9t does to the human body and are the people vulnerable to having this disease.
  4. The third paragraph can be you explaining the signs/symptoms seen in people who have this disease.
  5. The fourth paragraph can be on the diagnosis/ diagnostic used in confirming that a person has the disease.
  6. The fifth paragraph can be the prognosis of the disease. Do people get better or worse? 
  7. The sixth paragraph can be treatment / management of the disease.
  8. The seventh paragraph can be conclusion.
  9. The last page must have the source used to write the paper.
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