Memory Loss research assignment 

You are the nurse practitioner in a busy family practice. You are seeing a new patient today who is 70 years old; she is accompanied by her daughter. The PMH of the patient includes HTN, DM, Hyperlipidemia, TIA × 2, and Osteoarthritis of both knees, with multiple falls resulting in two diagnosed concussions. The daughter is concerned because she feels as if her mother’s memory isn’t what it used to be. She states that her mother sometimes misplaces things and forgets events as well as the names of people she has known for a long period of time.

1. Please list and explain two tests for cognition that could be used to assess this patient’s memory in a primary care office.

2. Please list three potential causes of memory loss in this patient. Just list; do not elaborate. See the next instruction

3. Choose one of the listed potential causes of memory loss in this patient and describe, using evidence-based practice guidelines/literature, the reasons why this could be a potential cause of memory loss in this patient.

Important Instruction about the Assignment 

(1) The paper should always have an introduction statement that explains what the paper will entails.

(2) Remember to include a cover page and use the most recent update APA formatting for references.

(3) Refer to the GRADING RUBRIC for details on how this assignment will be graded.

(4) For this paper, you must provide 2-3 pages well written evidence-based research paper according to the rubric guidelines, follow the APA format formatting for references and support your paper with at least 3 to 4 nursing or medical evidence-based research articles not older than 7 yrs.

(5) Please take time to read and review it, if the paper is not up a master’s degree level standard, I will not accept the work. I just want to be clear about that before I assigned it to anyone. This is an advanced degree work that requires a very strong writer with the background and experience in Nursing and Medical field and a very well-developed English and written expertise. 

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