Your assignment is to provide an organized written history of terrorism in the United States since the time of the Revolutionary War. You are to summarize your paper framed within the following three time periods: 1.) The Birth of America to the end of the Nineteenth Century (1775-1899), 2.) The Twentieth Century (1900-1999), 3.) Pre-9/11 (2000) to the present. Each of the sub-topic areas should be a minimum of 400 – 500 words and the total final written project should be no less than 1,500 words.

When discussing the terrorist events you believe to be important to U.S. history, please make sure to touch on some (or all) of the following areas:

  1. Actors (i.e., Who perpetrated the terrorist act? Give a background of individuals or groups)
  2. Historical Roots (i.e., When/where did the terrorism occur? Cite importance of time and location)
  3. Motives (i.e., What motivated the terrorist attack(s)? What were the desired political and/or social gains?)
  4. Methods (i.e., What types of terror methods/technology were used, and for what purpose?)
  5. Significance (i.e., Why did you pick the event? What significance does it have in American history?)
  6. Themes/Characteristics (i.e., Can you identify common political themes and/or methods?)

* Don’t forget to provide a minimum 150-200 word introduction and conclusion to your paper. Write in narrative form; do not use bullets.

I encourage you to use reputable outside sources to complete this assignment. Use APA format to document these sources. Your research paper should be single-spaced, using Times or Times New Roman, 12-point font. Margins of your paper should be one-inch (1″) on all sides. Place the word count at the bottom of your last narrative page.

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