A SWOT Analysis is used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business. This analysis can be used to help in the creation of strategic plans for the future. You will perform a SWOT Analysis for a real-world organization and complete your assignment as a PowerPoint presentation. 


Choose a real-world organization. 

Perform a SWOT Analysis on the organization, creating a PowerPoint with your results. Follow this format: 

• Slide 1: Title slide with your name and the organization’s name.

• Slide 2: Mission of the company. 

• Slide 3: Explain 4 to 6 strengths of the company (add more slides if needed).

• Slide 4: Explain 4 to 6 weaknesses of the company (add more slides if needed). 

• Slide 5: Explain 4 to 6 opportunities of the company (add more slides if needed). 

• Slide 6: Explain 4 to 6 threats for the company (add more slides if needed). 

• Slide 7: Your conclusion. Provide your opinion on the strategic position of the organization based on the findings of your SWOT. 

• Slide 8: Reference page. 


• Create a PowerPoint presentation, at least 8 slides. 

• Include at least 2 valid, credible resources. 

• Use APA formatting for citations, include in-text citations on slides 

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