Final Project

Marketing Research Presentation to the President of Starbucks Coffee Company

You are the marketing consultant to Starbucks Coffee Company. You have been asked by the President, Charles Schultz, to perform market research and ascertain the feasibility of establishing new coffee houses in China.

For your final paper, you will write a report for Mr. Schultz that describes an approach to move forward with this strategic marketing initiative. In a paper of at least 3,200 words (excluding title, abstract and reference pages), include:

  1. Identification and justification for the primary target market segments. 
  2. Selection of the city in which to test market Starbucks’ product and justification of your selection.
  3. Discussion of the main competitors and how the Starbucks’ product will achieve a competitive advantage these main competitors in this market.
  4. How the product will need to be adapted to local conditions.
  5. Choice of suppliers for the new store.
  6. Use of indigenous personnel for this store and choice of local and centralized controls.
  7. Proposed market entry strategy (sole ownership, joint venture, licensing agreement) and justification.
  8. List of major risks for this project and how they will be controlled including cultural, economic and political factors that need      to be considered.

This paper should include at least 8 references, of which at least 6 should be from primary sources. Your research is secondary research but will also use published articles from primary sources (original writings from textbooks and peer reviewed journals).

The Week Six assignment does not ask you to do your own primary marketing research. You will use secondary research and the primary sources provided (textbooks and peer reviewed journal articles). Primary research is defined as expensive original research done by a person or company to answer specific research questions. Secondary research is defined as already published research which has been completed for other research goals.

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