You are the director of the parks and recreation department for your city. You have a small administrative staff, and all staff is cross-trained on using the department’s social media tools. While the office assistant, Chris, is primarily responsible for the social media account,  other staff members will log in and post on the social media accounts if they have relevant information. One day, while you are at a city council meeting, you are informed of an inappropriate social media post on the department’s account. The post conveys a personal but explicit message, which you assume was accidentally posted online instead of being sent as a private message. You quickly log in and delete the post but have gotten emails from residents who are upset about the inappropriate content on a social media account that their children visit.

You call a meeting of your staff who have access to the social media accounts. While initially, everyone is reluctant to speak on the issue, they eventually speak up once you assure them no one will get in trouble as it was a mistake. Chris lets you know that even though the social media responsibility was listed on their position description, they handed over the accounts to the office intern. Chris explained this was to give the intern some additional experience. Chris initially monitored the accounts to ensure that the intern posted accurate and appropriate content but had recently stopped reviewing as the intern was doing such great work. Because of the intern’s work, engagement across all social media platforms grew with residents having positive experiences. However, the growth in engagement meant that more people than usual saw the inappropriate post, and there was a significant number of complaints. Residents were asking for accountability and assurance that this incident would not occur again. You have to provide recommendations for action and justify your top two choices.

This case is loosely adapted from the television show Parks and Rec (see clip below)

Successfully case study responses will follow the following criteria

·       Follow assignment requirements

·       Documents should be between 3-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 Font, (not including title page or references)

·       All citations (in-text and on reference page) must adhere to APA formatting rules

·       Grammar and prose should be clear and concise. Excessive mistakes will result in an incomplete or unsatisfactory.

·       The textbook and at least one additional source must be referenced to support your arguments

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