Continuing with your class project, you are deciphering how to improve the process AND how you will control the future state process so the new process will not lapse back into the old process in case of construction and aggregate industry.

●  You will start by deciphering your proposed improvement and how you arrived at your solution.

●  You will state which techniques you will use, such as experiment design, mistake proofing (poka-yoke), and how the pilot will be run. 

●  Explain how your benchmarking guided your conclusion for your solution.

●  You will also explain how your measurements will let you know how well (or poorly your processes are working with regard to expectation.

●  Because you are not actually implementing it real time, list what might be some variables that would account for the project not to be successful, and how you may address them in the future.

●  You will discuss the ethical considerations in managing this operational process.

●  You will describe the control systems such as statistical process control, production boards, visual workplaces, and continuously monitor the process. This process is repeated until the desired quality level is obtained.

●  You will explain how you will statistically validate that. The new process meets the objectives and benefits sought by the project

●  You will develop a control plan to “institutionalize” the new process

●  You will explain how you will document the lessons learned and project findings.

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