Essay Topic is : 

Electronic Data Interchange

instructions to pay attention:

You will prepare an essay on some topic related to Information Technology. Topics will be assigned after the first class based on me getting to know the interests of the students. See example topics below. You may use the most recent APA edition formatting style. Any other style should be approved prior to submitting your essay. This essay will be submitted electronically via Blackboard in a format that can be read in MS Word. I only need one copy of the essay from each student. Each essay will be expected to have the following: 

1. Research and prepare a 5 page essay double spaced on your topic. 

2. In addition, include a bibliography using the most recent APA edition formatting style

3. Include sections that introduce the topic, provide background material, analyze available data, provide your opinion and industry opinion, and make a conclusion.

4. Be sure and answer the questions why, who, what, where, and how 

5. Definition of key concepts, models, steps in the process, etc. 

6. Include at least one page on the impact of your topic to healthcare. 

7. Include at least one reference from an industry organization like AHIMA, HIMSS, etc. 

Evaluation Criteria Evaluation for grade 

1. Clear and accurate definitions of concepts 

2. Appropriateness of bibliography 

3. Organization and content of essay

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