Assignment: (2000 words +/- 10%)

This assignment involves selecting a public health problem in your country. The assignment will include:

a thorough review of the health problem, including how other countries are currently or have addressed this problem, and describe in detail a public health intervention that you would recommend for tackling the health problem in your country”. 

Introduction: 150 words

•  Explain what you are going to be discussing – the country, the topic, the type of issues, the sources of interventions and potential recommendations.

Background: 550 words

•  Introduce your topic – what is the problem, define it, explain it, discuss why it is a problem, the impacts.

•  What are the morbidity and mortality statistics that link to this issue.

•  Identify who is involved – particular population groups – age – ethnicity.

•  Consider the determinants of health (and the burden of disease) in relation to the issue, highlighting areas of importance.

Implications for Public Health: 600 words

•  Introduce public health factors – service improvement, protection and prevention

•  Discuss current policy in your chosen country to address this issue – is this well funded, realistic, is there a skilled workforce? 

•  Discuss how the population at risk can be protected from the disease 

•  Discuss the prevention strategies that are currently in place- are they effective, how do you know? No, it was applied but no difference

•  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the interventions? More education but not change in incidence  – what are the consequences of using them? Much cost and less effect  – how are the impacts measured?

Wider Perspectives: 400 words

•  How are other countries addressing this issue?

•  Identify those countries with a similar population.

•  Demonstrate how risks are reduced – what are they doing?

•  What are the outcomes and who is involved?

Recommendations: 200 words

•  Consider appropriate recommendations that could be considered in your country – or if you are using an effective intervention in your country then how could it be used elsewhere?

•  Are there any ethical issues you should be considering?

Conclusion: 100 words

•  Discuss what you have found out and what you have learned.


Tables and figures must be introduced in the text BEFORE they appear. You need to give the reader a context for interpreting them, and explain the main aspects of the figure or table you want the reader to take note of. 

Sentence construction and grammar let many people down. At times it is difficult to understand just what was meant. 

§  Take the time to proof-read for spelling, punctuation, tense, and whether you are contradicting yourself. 

  • Provide the title of your assignment at the top of the page
  • Title the sections of the assignment
  • Use tables and figures and label theses, making sure you also identify the named source and the date as a reference 
  • Write in an academic style – third person e.g. a review of information revealed … not first person e.g. I think, I found
  • Make sure all your suggestions and ideas are referenced if they are not your own
  • Summarise information from books and websites, DO NOT COPY, unless providing a quote
  • Use Harvard referencing and provide a reference list in the appendix
  • Don’t put any other information in the appendix as this will not be marked

Word count, PLEASE IDENTIFY on your last page = 2000 words.

No Plagiarism 

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