Work type: Research proposalFormat: APAPages: 2 pages ( 550 words, Double spacedWriter deadline: 10 hAcademic level: Master’sSubject or discipline: Computer scienceTitle: Writer’s choiceNumber of sources: 0Paper instructions:I want from you suggests the methodology of this research “software defect prediction”.I want to use machine learning or deep learning approach according to the best results in the last previous studies.I want a new and strong idea, that will be have good results, like a hybrid.I want you to write and draw the framework of the new proposed methodology.These two papers “paper1”, “paper2” are similar to my project. You can do one of them as a base paper to do the idea. or you can choose any paper in this topic as a base paper to make the idea if you see it better than these two papers in the results.The dataset that I will use in the project in the attachment. The dataset contains metrics like lines of code….etc, not source code. ((the methodology must be able to apply on this type of dataset)).Also, for the dataset imbalance, we need to use the SMOTE technique or any good oversampling technique to deal with the imbalance issue.Note: often, the performance of such selection techniques (methodology) will be evaluated using AUC, Precision, Recall, Accuracy, F-measure, and G-measure.

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