Company’s main problem:you are to examine the situation indepth and undertake asituation analysis.
Three possible courses of  action:you are to propose three alternative courses of action forth company ,in order to face the problem

described, with their benefits (at least three) and weaknesses (at least three)
Recommended solution:You are to recommend one of the three alternative previously considered as the one that should be implement edby

the company in order to face the situation described in the case study provided.

  • Your paper will be graded based on the explanation of each alternative course of action, with its benefits and risks or weaknesses, and the reason why
    you recommend a specific course of action and how you manage to face the weaknesses of this choice. Additionally, your ability to apply concepts from
    the literature to your analysis, with proper citation of articles and books.
  • The task should be submitted in a document form uploaded as pdf.
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