Adversity and Depression Treatment Disparities

Discussion related to early life adversity’s impact on the development of depression in later life. Student will research methods to improve treatment disparities among children and young adults who experience early adversity. 

Read Stern, K. R. & Thayer, Z. M. (2019). Adversity in childhood and young adulthood predicts young adult depression. This is Module 8.

Research on your own to uncover methods to improve statistics found in the attached literature. Post for your peers what you find that could be useful to close the gap and offer potential improvement in the treatment disparity of adversity and its impact on development of depression.

For the Discussion (Include the corresponding number below as you respond in your initial post):

1. What did you take from the literature attached to the discussion board?

2. What literature did you find on your own that might be helpful for this population?

3. What resources and tools would you need to help implement helpful interventions in the primary care setting?

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