This is my planning sheet

1.  What is the subject of the proposal?  Be specific.  What is the problem or project?

Take a stake in a pharmaceutical company that is participating in the development of a covid 19 vaccine Or the subsequent vaccine production contractor

2. Who is your proposal for?  What is his/her position?  Is he/she the person with authority to decide on the implementation of such a plan? 

Our company’s CEO, CFO and the board

3. What is the purpose of the proposal?  Will it solve a financial or social problem?  Will it impact the inner workings of one company or change the way business is done?  Think specifically about what you are trying to accomplish.

The purpose is to hold a portion of this company’s equity

In my vision, our company is a company that has not yet set foot in the medical field. The research and development of the covid 19 vaccine is an excellent opportunity for our company. We can use this as a fulcrum to create a subsidiary of our company in the medical field.

Of course, if we succeed, the development of vaccines will greatly benefit society

4. Write a succinct (2 or 3 sentences) statement that outlines the problem which the proposal will address or the idea it seeks to support.  Why is this proposal needed now?  Why does this problem need you to solve it?

Funding issues. Companies that are eligible to compete on this issue are large companies, so a large amount of capital

Choice problem, maybe this is a project that many companies work together, but we’d better choose the company that can get the largest piece of cake

5. What is your proposed solution or plan?  Explain how and why the proposed solution will work.  Is it the only solution or one of many?

There are many types of funds. Loans from banks. We can also reduce the company’s redundant departments or projects to gather funds. Not only one way

6. What sort of procedures and methods will you use to address or contain the problem?  Outline these procedures in detail.

Layoffs, now is a time when funds are urgently needed. Due to COVID-19, the current sluggish industries such as catering or retail, clothing, and entertainment can all be reduced.

In the choice of the company, we can first inject a small amount of capital, observe the effect and then decide

7. What are the costs involved?  Offer a concrete budgetary plan and outline a timeline on how the money will be allocated and spent.

I really don’t know the specific time, but the first funding must be injected within one month, because the vaccine development is likely to be completed, but it has not passed the clinical test, so the action must be fast. I think the first funding is probably Is 50 million US dollars, and then we will determine the company we will eventually hold by December About 100 to 500 million US dollars

8. Who will implement the solution or plan?  What are the pertinent qualifications of the individual offering this solution or plan?  Has he/she done this sort of work or solved this type of problem in the past?  Does he/she have good references?

I am solely responsible for this plan. I am an employee (or CEO) of the company. I have no previous experience, but I graduated from csusb. My major is finance. I am confident to do this well. 

 Need to use MLA format, and have more than four sources with high credibility

 Need some clear and effective section headings and paragraphing to help readers process the proposal

Number 12, double spacing, times new Roman

More than five pages excluding reference pages

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