Using the Case Study and course materials, your task is to write a paper to Mark that includes the following: 

1.  Background – briefly describe the business to be supported by the new infrastructure.

2.  Current IT infrastructure – List the hardware, software, and network components that Mark currently has in place (not what he wants to add with his “Expansion Plan”).  Note that you may need to make some assumptions about the components based on what is provided in the Case Study.

3.  Requirements – List five requirements Mark has identified that the systems will have to perform or support as he expands his business.  These can be “business” needs or part of the 3D printing operation.

4.  How requirements will be met – Briefly explain to Mark what system components will be needed to meet each of the five requirements listed above.  These may be components he already has or new components to be added.

5.  Data representation and storage – Finally, Mark needs to store and use several types of data:  digital and numerical, audio, video and graphics data.  Explain to him how each of these types of data are represented in digital form, how they are stored, and on which device(s) (either in place or something he needs to add) each type of data will be stored.  Include each of the following:

a.  Digital and numerical data

b.  Audio data

c.  Video data

d.  Graphics data

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