You will need to choose a company to focus on. 

Many people will discuss your organization following the event that negatively affected its reputation. To develop an effective response, it is important to know what the media and/or other audiences are saying about your company. For this assignment, you will listen to and analyze conversations that have occurred in traditional and/or social media about the situation that you chose for your Communication Plan Project. The results of your analyses should inform the Key Publics/Audiences section of your Communication Plan ( (Links to an external site.)).

This assignment includes the following steps:

1) Craft a stakeholder map (use chapter 1 of Corporate Diplomacy to help you).

2) Find at least 10 nuggets of information in traditional or social media directly relevant to the organization and the problem that are subject to your Communication Plan. Articles, blogs, pages created by fans, or critics are a few options to consider although feel free to use other relevant sources as well. Choose meaningful conversations so that your analysis will be more interesting.  Also, do not use channels that are sponsored by your company or brand because they may be biased towards your organization (e.g., corporate Facebook page). If you choose to analyze brief conversations (i.e., tweets, Facebook comments, etc.), you will need to include at least 50 messages in your analysis to make up for shorter lengths.

3) Organize messages in a table with the following columns: date, source, message (up to 500 characters each), category/topic, and level/sentiment. If the message exceeds 500 characters, include the most relevant quote (up to 500 characters) that illustrates the respective category and level. Use landscape mode to format the table.

4) From the table, write a half-page analysis of the conversations that you read. Summarize what you learned about the public perception of your organization and the situation at hand.


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