Ferrell & Gresham (1985), “A Contingency Framework for Understanding Ethical Decision Making in Marketing,” Journal of Marketing, Vol. 49 (Summer), pp. 87-96.

“Just Try and Social Distance This,” Bloomberg Businessweek, April 20, 2020, p.40-45. 

Refer for your syllabus for requirements and submission deadline.

Case Questions:

  1. Identify and discuss the sustainability dilemma faced by the CEO of Carnival Arnold Donald.
  2. Identify and discuss the ethical dilemma faced by the CEO of Carnival Arnold Donald. Apply and discuss Kelley’s situation following Ferrell & Gresham’s Contingency Framework focusing on the 3 variables impacting ethical decision making.
  3. Stakeholders are directly or indirectly affected by an organization’s actions.  Provide 3 specific stakeholders affected by ethical situation and briefly explain the effect(s).
  4. Discuss the challenges in addressing the ethical dilemma faced by Donald by identifying at least 2 key issues and their subsequent implications/ramifications. 
  5. If you were Donald, how would you have responded to the ethical dilemma? 
  6. If you were part of Carnival’s top management, how would you implement a solution to respond to the ethical dilemma?


Each student will be required to submit a 2-page (page restriction will be strictly observed) single-spaced type-written case analysis (TEXT only, not including references or title page). Use 12 pt font in your submission.

The Q&A (Question & Answer) format is required in organizing your analysis/submission. Those who do not follow the Q&A format will be penalized (0 pts. for ‘Organization’ – see rubric below). Text written after the 2nd page will not be read nor graded. References should be included in a separate page, if utilized. To guide you in your case analysis, be sure to read the appropriate chapters and/or assigned readings. The discussion questions (for posting purposes) will also help you frame your analysis. Each case study is worth 15 points.

Cases will be evaluated base on the following:
(1) Use of research facts to validate your recommendations/suggestions – 6 points
(2) Integration of previous and/or current chapters’ concepts into the analysis. – 6 points

(3) Organization of analysis contents – 3 points

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