Research Paper One Topics

Research paper 1 topics

Please note: The civilizations chosen for this assignment must be those we are studying through Week 7 (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and the Americas.)

Compare and contrast the development of civilizations in Europe/Asia/the Americas

The rise of civilization follows similar patterns wherever it occurs, yet there are differences in the ways in which it arises as well based on geography, climate, access to resources, etc. Choose two of the civilizations we are discussing and examine the ways in which their paths to civilization are similar, the ways in which they are different, and how these similarities and differences are influenced by the characteristics mentioned above and/or other fundamental characteristics.

Ancient Civilizations Series (Links to an external site.)

The role of women in ancient civilizations

Most of us are familiar with the subservient status of women throughout most of human history, and while this is often the case, it is not always accurate. Examine the role of women in a minimum of three of the civilizations we are studying through Week 7. In what ways were women seen as an underclass and in what ways did they confound this notion in these civilizations? What was the role of class in women’s status in society? What contributions did they make in each of the chosen civilizations?

Resource: Civilization—The Ascent of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story (Links to an external site.)

Technological developments in ancient civilizations

In our technological age, we tend to overlook or underestimate the technological achievements of our ancient ancestors. However, as we have been reading, these ancient peoples were amazingly innovative and adaptable, molding their environments to suit their needs. Examine at least three of what you consider to be the most significant technological developments of the time period of the civilizations we are studying though Week 7 and describe why they are so important. What catalysts gave rise to these developments (geography, climate, etc.)? How did they benefit the people who developed them? How were the peoples that devise them able to do so?

Civilizations and Ideas Series
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